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There are so many sources for crypto news and cryptocurrency trading that it make your mind dizzy. I have spent a few years in the crypto industry and have even created content on my own about new ICOs, crypto trading bots and other related content. During that time I have discovered sources that I consider experts within the crypto industry and thought I would share a few of those sources.

I want to make you aware that this is not financial advice and intended only for educational purposes.

Crypto Trading

I thought I would start with some cryptocurrency trading sources because that’s where I spend the majority of my time. Whether you are looking for information on bitcoin or alt coin trading, there will be a source here for you.

Crypto World News

The Crypto World News is primarily a Twitch channel that draws comparisons of being similar to a cable tv network for crypto. The stream runs 24 hours a day and has a schedule for crypto experts to broadcast their show. Content ranges from bitcoin chart analysis to opinions on popular alt coins and current news.

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Content doesn’t always have a set agenda but often is just chatting about crypto while viewers ask questions. In a segment on December 3rd I was able to watch and gather information regarding the current bitcoin market.

Tom Lee stands firm at his opinion that Bitcoin will reach $25k by the end of this year

A few popular crypto influencers were discussing the current bitcoin charts and provided some predictions. While Kiwi and OhHeyMatty had differing opinions on whether or not Bitcoin prices were going to increase or decrease in the short term, they provided little insights. Kiwi saw Bitcoin rising from around $3,900 to $4,100 – $4,200 and OhHeyMatty provided some information about Bitcoin Shorts being at an all-time high in the next 4-6 hours, which has triggered quick spikes in the past.  It ends up that both were correct and Bitcoin did see that spike but has since started its way back down. It will be interesting to see how the next month plays out when it comes to Bitcoin and the crypto market, but I highly suggest you stop by their channel and get engaged. Make sure and add a follow while you are there!


Not only one of my favorite crypto influencers but the guy is REAL! You aren’t going to get fluff or someone who is going to be a kiss ass to projects. You won’t get Suppoman shill content out of Matty. His Ask Me Anything (AMA) segments are on target. Matty asks the hard questions to help with “due your own due diligence”. You can check out his latest video on YouTube below.

 Crypto News

There isn’t a better source for crypto news than Crypto Panic in my eyes. Crypto News is a news aggregator for many of the popular crypto news channels as well as top influencers within the industry.


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