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IBM appoints Samiron Ghoshal as its new global business head in India

Samiron Ghoshal, a former technology partner at consulting firms KPMG and EY has been appointed by IBM as its head for global business services in India,  the IT giant has announced this move with an aim of further expanding its operations in the domestic market.

Ghoshal joined the company just a month ago as overseeing partner for India and South Asia. It was with Ghoshal’s help that two consulting firms managed to launch their technology business, however, he claims that both models were completely different from each other.

According to Ghoshal, “The primary change when I begin working in this role is that IBM services has the range of contributions starting from colossal brand review at the advisory level itself, to experiencing end-to-end solution implementation. The client expects us to be counselors as well as to be advisors in addition to implementing and providing help.”

Ghoshal also believes that the capability of providing end-to-end solutions would be highly cited in comparison to just offering pure consulting services as it would be less useful in digital context because of the highly flexible nature of technologies. Customers look for digital technologies that will help them to grow their already existing service lines, to optimize their existing businesses, or to enter into new service lines.

As per the statement given by Ghoshal, “Nowadays the majority of the technology discussions are being conducted outside the realm of the CIO. In India, Digital spend is no longer a discretionary issue. Projects are being launched at a completely different place. They are commencing at the CMO office, the CEO office, and then the CIO also gets involved.”

Ghoshal also further revealed that in India the sales cycle keeps on fluctuating on the basis of client’s technology maturity. “Some customers are pioneers which enables a rapid adoption of our cognitive solutions Watson. Yet, to be crystal clear, most of the organizations have been in the advisory process for several years.”

Within the last six years, IBM’s strategic imperative business has more than doubled to an incredible $37billion. Thus the company has opted to focus more on this business which includes cloud, social, big data and analysis.
Ghoshal also revealed that IBM is also experimenting traction with its strategic imperatives in India.

He concluded by saying that the company has already officiated multi-million-dollar digital deals with several Indian companies.

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